The Dorising Podcast

The Dorising Podcast – episode 8 Christmas Party Special!

December 20, 2020

Doris, Doris, Doris and Doris from the band I, Doris host the eighth episode of the Dorising podcast – a Christmas Party special! With guests:

  • Charley Stone
  • Efa Supertramp
  • Gilan
  • Kel of The Empty Page
  • Ms Mohammed
  • Ben Marriott of TWATSS
  • Kristina Stazaker of T-Bitch
  • Maggie Devlin of Party Fears

Dorising about the magic of Christmas, the misery of Spotify, social skills practice in 2020, and everyone’s favourite Christmas songs. Plus everyone gets their pets out for the awwws.

With music and live performance from all the guests.

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